Sunday, May 19, 2013

a new housing palette

End of study year means that it's been some time since I've posted. Another two weeks and I'm nearly free for summer holidays!

I've got a bit of a breather this weekend since we've just been celebrating Norway's national day (17th May) and everything's basically shut down for the weekend.

A theme that's come up recently (since I had to write a text for my studies on my reasons for choosing this field and where I see myself professionally) has to do with forward-thinking design, news ways of using current materials and designing 'with' the other 90%.

This article / interview in '' includes some exciting and innovative thoughts with regards to housing designs with the future in mind. Choosing more relevant and environment based sustainable builds that are 'alive' and able to perform in varying conditions.

I particularly enjoy the lift house idea and the clever architecture and humour in the porchdog house. Then there's the simplicity and accessibility of the straw bale housing and pallet designs.

You can read more about porchdog here