Saturday, July 13, 2013

au naturel

Summer holidays with plenty of time to catch up on some reading, a recent cabin trip with family in the densely forested Kvamskogen area and beautiful use of the simplest of materials... are what inspired today's post.

I saw this article in the Independent some time ago - listing the ten best architecture books - but the end of study year meant that there was no time to give it my full attention. I've now gone back and chosen my favourite three... they're in my amazon basket as I type :).

One of them is no.4, entitled "Wood - Architecture now! Vol 2" by Philip Jodidio. Living in Norway and being surrounded by Scandinavian design means that wood is often on the cards as the design material of choice. After a brief peak at the pages in this book and a quick glance at Jodidio's other titles, I think I'm in for a treat.

I am often drawn to materials in their raw form and usually prefer the more rustic, natural look to super polished and glossy (although, often, a combination is even better!). I really enjoyed i29's use of regular plywood to shape and add character to this modern home in Holland.

They seem to prefer cleaner lines and a calm palette, but that only helps to accentuate other details like their lively take on this interior wall.

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