Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our big-eared friends

A slightly more austere subject today.

Something most of us are aware of, disgusted by but then rarely know how we could possibly get our hands dirty to help out...

Poaching in Africa is rife. The problem persists among many species, but none come to mind more than the dignified African Elephant, and the victims are swiftly rising in numbers.
There has been recent action in Gabon (home to over half of Africa's forest elephants) and Kenya. You can read more about the incidences here and here.

I've recently come across a campaign run by WWF to try and cut off (at least part of) the problem at the source. Read more about their campaign and get involved!

Alternatively, there is also an option to adopt and elephant (among other endangered species) - a great idea yourself, or even as an unconventional gift for someone else.

Every little bit helps.
And they need our help in a big way..

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