Tuesday, August 13, 2013

back to the books

I recently came across this article on inhabitat.com; offering a course in passive solar design. It could have something to do with the summer holiday nearing an end, my interest in sustainable design, or merely the rainy and cold weather in Bergen right now - but I clicked through enthusiastically, interested in the opportunity. That enthusiasm waned once I realised the fees involved and I moved on.

Then, just today, I read about different (and more low-tech) sustainable building workshops being run across the US... and I thought, since I can't get involved over there - there must be some good online options to keep abreast of avant garde techniques and methods that can also contribute to my studies in Scandinavia. I didn't have to search very hard before coming across this site, listing various institutes that offer downloadable course material (called OpenCourseWare or OCW).

While my semesters are pretty jam-packed and we do have our own recommended reading, it's always interesting to see what other leading institutes (such as MIT) have to say and to have access to material from subjects that might not be offered at your own school.

I've done an advanced search to find courses that link to my own specific interests. You can do the same here.

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