Saturday, August 24, 2013

Two tiny twins

Here are two excellent examples of small living spaces. In both designs, I think that 'treading lightly, with a low impact on the earth' is apparent as a central theme.

1) Meka is a converted shipping container. Modern and sophisticated in design, it covers just 30 square metres. The interior features bamboo, the bathroom in slate, the outside is clad in attractive cedar and 70% of its materials are recycled.

Living in a modest apartment just over this size in Norway, means that my fiancé and I certainly understand small spaces - but this clever and chic design would be a welcome treat. Currently sitting on a New York corner, you can order the cosy abode to your own specifications, with the option to integrate solar power for those wanting to go off-grid.

2) AbĂ©, is an off-grid 'build it yourself' 14 square metre portable unit. Designed using 3D software, the houses are completely customizable, come flat packed and can apparently be assembled in just 2 days! 

While this option doesn't include the necessary functions for long-term living, it's certainly a fun short-term option for a festival, camping or little garden retreat. I think the materials and size contribute to it's romantic and earthy feel. A very clever idea - I think we can expect to see more from this design group.

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