Sunday, November 3, 2013

pretty passivity

Uni has already managed to keep me very busy with the start of my final BA year.

However, it was during the last few weeks that I had an email waiting patiently in my inbox, subject line reading: 'something for redcacao?' So I can't really take the credit for this one, but rather an interesting article and some awesome and very different passive design examples.

My partner expressed a fondness for the archways and overall feel of the Hudson house (option 1), while I am inspired by the Fablab take on things in Madrid (option 3).

Crossways is a house we followed the building of on the Grand Designs series a couple of years back. It really is unique and seems to be a rather good performer - according to passive house energy conservation.

The final candidate surprised me, as the setting really didn't seem like Canada - but having never actually been there - who am I to say...
I really love the simple feel and clean lines of this design, to me it exudes a sense of calm and I could certainly imagine myself on that pier in those sprawling surroundings.

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  1. Like the first one. Reminds me of a house in Bettys Bay