Thursday, January 24, 2013

The debut

For my début post as a nouveau blogger, I'd like to touch on 3 things that have excited me during the past week ;)

Good is a great website for an occasional visit and inspiration. It's comprised of a number of individuals, all with their own interests and opinions, who post and share what they care about. I follow them on twitter and am usually inspired to click through and find out more. Anyone can join and contribute, post, vote, etc. I haven't yet, but, as I write this, I think I just might!

Here's something I wanted to share from their site this week:
I'm very into 'upcycling' and this new found use for bicycle chains is very interesting. Pretty cool designs! Still, even more could be done - perhaps experimenting with finishes - gloss/ colour...

The all nighter
I was a first time visitor at this week.
By architects for architects, I had a good laugh at some of the content and advice offered on this blog. Sift through the text here and there and you'll find some gems. Interesting graphic representations and some off-beat inspiration.

This week's Tuesday night half price cinema
Being a student, we take advantage of Tuesday nights in Bergen. Searching for Sugarman was showing during the 2012 BIFF (Bergen International Film Festival), somehow we missed it, but managed to catch the final screening last week.
Being from South Africa, this film humbly pulled at a few heart strings, but I'm sure it had the same affect on many others.

The Telegraph give a brief outline of the story here.

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